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BdeWM. Foreword

Hello! Hola!
I present to english readers the BdeWM, WM's blog about BDSM.
My purpose is to collect here WhipMaster’s writings, at the moment scattered through the cyberworld, generously hosted on websites and blogs from friends, forums and other places. I also wish BdWM to serve as a platform for launching new materials as they are generated. That means little by little.

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You will find in BdeWM fiction writings, basic informations, things about art and culture related to BDSM, notes about connections between BDSM and everyday life, notes on cyber BDSM, contributions on fetish and fetishes, and any reference seeming to me remarkable or interesting to be shared.
At last, reflections of my own interests. Through them I humbly aspire to join the large group of voices that from blogosphere in particular and the net in a broad sense, strive to externalize BDSM world, still seen by many people as a fantasy completely disconnected from real life.
So, I wish not to set up an autistic discourse: I post my writings on BdeWM and they just reach a few friends. I hope that adding posts translated to english will increase its diffusion.

If at last I decided to setup BdeWM –an arduous task for somebody who is not used to deal with this kind of jobs- it is largely due to the rewarding sensations that I obtained when I received feedback from the readers of my disperse writings or simply I knew that one of them became useful to someone. I hope, as I said, that this will continue and perhaps will be favored by the blog format.

Also, there are other motivations, such as the natural desire to share something I like and enjoy, or the admiration towards the work of some friends that have been in the Internet for a long time and have reached to consolidate very consistent contributions . Please find some references to them in the “Recomendados / favorites” list.

Creative writings posted on BdeWM are under a Creative Commons license (Attribution / NonCommercial - BY / NC) protecting authorship and serving as a defense against bad uses. This means that you can freely use, share and disseminate WhipMaster’s writings if autorship is respected and its use for commercial purposes avoided.

First I will post writings in its original Spanish version, but my intention is to post soon later its english translation.

All that said,  its time to welcome you to BdWM and to greet you warmly from the other side of the screen. Enjoy.


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